Access to this portal

To access this portal, you must log in in the main page: you will so access your personal user page.

The user page

In your personal user page you may edit your personal data. Moreover, the elections where you can vote are listed there, and you may start the voting process by clicking the [VOTE] button.

You may request you PIN, afterwards you may vote in any voting session that is listed below.

Overview of voting process

Per accedere al voto, oltre alla password di posta di, dovete usare anche il PIN.
The voting process through the the web interface is divided in 3 stages.

  • In first stage, you express your vote, and then click on [Submit].
  • In the second stage, the vote will be presented (with optional formatting), and you will check it again, and then click [Confirm].
  • If you accept, in the the third stage the ballot will be irrevocably sent to the ballotbox.

The above three stages must be followed for each and any elections where the user wishes to vote.